* All papers (PDFs); * Collective Behavior (PDFs); * Ecosystem dynamics (PDFs).

You can also check my Google Scholar ID and ORCID

Manuscripts in Review (with Preprints):

1) Jitesh Jhawar and Vishwesha Guttal, 2019, Noise-induced Effects in Collective Dynamics and Inferring Local Interactions from Data,;  [Codes and Data] 

2) Akanksha Rathore, Ananth Sharma, Nitika Sharma, Colin J Torney and Vishwesha Guttal, 2020, Multi-Object Tracking in Heterogeneous environments (MOTHe) for animal video recordings, [PDF] [bioRxiv] [Code and Data]

Journal Publications: 


33) Jitesh Jhawar, Richard G. Morris, U. R. Amith-Kumar, M. Danny Raj, R. Harikrishnan, Tim Rogers and Vishwesha Guttal, 2020, Noise-Induced Schooling of Fish, Nature Physics,  doi: PDFCodes and Data

32) Nikunj Goel, Vishwesha Guttal, Simon A Levin and Carla Staver, 2020, Dispersal increases the resilience of tropical savanna and forest distributions, In Press, American Naturalist, DOI: bioRxiv, 476184. ; Data and Codes

31) Manvi Sharma, Suhel Quader, Vishwesha Guttal, Kavita Isvaran, 2020, The enemy of my enemy: multiple interacting selection pressures lead to unexpected anti-predator responses, Oecologia, 192: 1-12, Download PDF

  • Highlighted Student Research


30) Sumithra Sankaran, Sabiha Majumder, Ashwin Viswanathan and Vishwesha Guttal, Clustering and correlations: Inferring resilience from spatial patterns in ecosystems, 2019, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 10: 2079-2089, Download PDF;  Data and codes.

29) Majumder, Sabiha, Krishnapriya Tamma, Sriram Ramaswamy, and Vishwesha Guttal. 2019, Inferring critical thresholds of ecosystem transitions from spatial data. Ecology, 100:e02722; PDF of Maintext; PDF of Maintext+SI;  Data and codes. 

28) Gokul Nair, Athmanathan Senthilnathan, Srikanth Iyer, and Vishwesha Guttal, 2019, Fission-fusion dynamics and group-size dependent composition in heterogeneous populations, Physical Review E99, 032412, arXiv:1711.06882 [nlin.AO],  Data and codes,  Download PDF. 


27) Jaideep Joshi and Vishwesha Guttal, 2018, Demographic noise and cost of greenbeard can facilitate greenbeard cooperation, Evolution, 72:2595-2607,  Download PDF.

26) Alexandre Genin, Sabiha Majumder, Sumithra Sankaran, Alain Danet, Vishwesha Guttal, Florian Schneider, Sonia Kefi, 2018, Monitoring ecosystem degradation using spatial data and the R package spatialwarnings,  Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9: 2067-2075, Download PDF;  Download the R-Package spatialwarnigs and source codes. 

25) Hari Sridhar and Vishwesha Guttal, 2018, Friendship across species borders: factors that facilitate and constrain heterospecific sociality, Phil. Trans. Royal Society of London B, 373: 20170014. Download PDF;  (Data are part of SI of the paper). 

Media coverage:

Costs and benefits: Why birds of a feather sometimes don’t flock together in Indian Express, by Amitabh Sinha
Friends without Borders, in Deccan Herald, by Annie Megan Santamaria
ಜಾತಿಭೇದವಿಲ್ಲದ ಪ್ರಾಣಿ ಪ್ರಪಂಚ, in Prajaavaani, by Gubbi-Labs

24) Alexandre Génin*, Sabiha Majumder*, Sumithra Sankaran*, Florian D Schneider, Alain Danet, Miguel Berdugo, Vishwesha Guttal, Sonia Kefi, 2018, Indicators of regime shifts in ecological systems with spatially heterogeneous stressors, Ecological Indicators, 94:520-533 Download PDF (*These authors contributed equally to this work). 

23) Sumithra Sankaran*, Sabiha Majumder*, Sonia Kefi, Vishwesha Guttal, 2018, Implications of being discrete and spatial for detecting early warning signals of regime shifts, Ecological Indicators, 94:503-511 Download PDF (*These authors contributed equally to this work). 

22) Chen Ning, Kailiang Yu, C Jayaprakash, Vishwesha Guttal, 2018, Rising variability, not slowing down, as a leading indicator of a stochastically driven abrupt transition in a dryland ecosystem, The American Naturalist, 191: E1 E14, Download PDF: Maintext and SI.  Data and Codes via Dryad.  

Media coverage:

Access the recommendation on F1000Prime as being of special significance by Donald DeAngelis

Changes in dryland ecosystems, in Deccan Herald by Suma M of Gubbi Labs.

There is also a Lay summary by Am Nat.


21) Jaideep Joshi, Iain D Couzin, Simon A Levin, Vishwesha Guttal, 2017, Mobility can promote the evolution of cooperation via emergent self-assortment dynamics, PLoS Computational Biology. 13(9):e1005732. Download PDF.  Data and Codes on Github: Active system& Passive systems.


20) Stephanie Eby*, Amit Agrawal*, Sabiha Majumder, Andew Dobson and Vishwesha Guttal, 2017, Alternative stable states and spatial indicators of critical slowing down along a spatial gradient in a savanna ecosystem,  Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26: 638-649; Download PDF;  Codes and Data are available on Github.  (*These authors contributed equally to this work). 

Highlights: This publication was featured with a front cover image.



19)  Vishwesha Guttal, Srinivas Raghavendran, Nikunj Goel, and Quentin Hoarau. 2016, Lack of Critical Slowing Down Suggests that Financial Meltdowns Are Not Critical Transitions, yet Rising Variability Could Signal Systemic Risk,  PLoS ONE, 11(1): e0144198. Download PDFData and Codes

Highlights: This publication was covered by Natura Asia with an article titled “Ecological science theory analyses stock market crashes”

18) Amit Badhuri, Srinivas Raghavendra, Vishwesha Guttal, 2015, On the Systemic Fragility of Finance Led Growth, Metroeconomica, 66: 158-186. Download PDF

17) Sonia Kefi*, Vishwesha Guttal*, William A Brock, Stephen R Carpenter, Aaron M Ellison, Valerie N Livina, David A Seekel, Marten Scheffer, Egbert H van Nes, Vasilis Dakos, 2014, Early warning signals of ecological transitions: Methods for spatial patterns, PLoS ONE 9(3): e92097. (*These authors contributed equally to this work). Download PDF. (Data and Codes: See Genin et al 2018 where we formally develop the R-Package spatialwarnigs and also source codes).

16) Vishwesha Guttal*, C. Jayaprakash*, Omar P. Tabbaa*,  2013, Robustness of early warning signals of regime shifts in time-delayed ecological models, Theoretical Ecology, 6:271-283. (*All authors contributed equally to this manuscript and the names are listed in alphabetical order). PDF

15) A. Catherine Markham, Vishwesha Guttal, Susan C Alberts, Jeanne Altmann. 2013, When good neighbors don’t need fences: Temporal landscape partitioning among baboon social groups, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology67:875-884. PDF.


14) Christos C Ioannou, Vishwesha Guttal, Iain D Couzin, 2012, Predatory fish select for coordinated collective motion in virtual prey. Science. 337: 1212-1215 A videoon YouTube. Download PDF.

Perspectives, Science
Telegraph, India
National Public Radio
The Economist
Ed Yong @ Discover blog.

13) Vishwesha Guttal*, Pawel Romanczuk*, Stephen J Simpson, Gregory A Sword, Iain D Couzin, 2012, Cannibalism as a driver of the evolution of phase polyphenism in locusts, Ecology Letters, Vol 15:1158-1166 [*co-first authors]. PDF.

Max-Planck Institute Press Release (in German)

12) Vasilis Dakos, Stephen R. Carpenter, William A. Brock, Aaron M. Ellison, Vishwesha Guttal, Anthony R. Ives, Sonia Kefi, Valerie Livina, David A. Seekell, Egbert H. van Nes, Marten Scheffer, 2012, Methods for detecting early warnings of critical transitions in time series: Illustrated using simulated ecological data, PLoS ONE. 7(7): e41010. PDF

11) Vishwesha Guttal, Frederick Bartumeus, Gregg Hartvigsen, Andrew Nevai, 2011. Variability in seed retention time as a mechanism for animal mediated long distance dispersal, PLoS ONE 6(12): e28447. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0028447. PDF

10) Vishwesha Guttal, Iain D Couzin, 2011, Leadership, collective motion and the evolution of migratory strategies, Communicative and Integrative Biology, 4:294 – 298. PDF.

9) Vishwesha Guttal, Iain D. Couzin, 2010, Social interactions, information use and the evolution of collective migration, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 107:16172-16177. PDF. Also see: Movies 1 and 2.

From the Cover of PNAS
In This Issue of PNAS
Commentary by Simpson and Sword in PNAS
Commentary by Ramaswamy in J. Club for Cond Mat Phys
New York Times., Wired Science, DNA

2009 and earlier

(8) Vishwesha Guttal, C. Jayaprakash. 2009, Spatial variance and spatial skewness: Leading indicators of regime shifts in spatial ecological systems, Theoretical ecology, 2:3-12.PDF

7) Vishwesha Guttal, C. Jayaprakash. 2008, Changing Skewness: An early warning signal of regime shifts in ecological systems, Ecology Letters 11:450-460.PDF

Highlight: Faculty of 1000 Biology

6) Vishwesha Guttal, C Jayaprakash, 2007, “Self-organization and productivity in semi-arid ecosystems: Implications of seasonality in rainfall”, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 248: 490-500. PDF

5) Vishwesha Guttal, C. Jayaprakash, 2007, “Impact of noise on bistable ecological systems”,Ecological Modelling, 201: 420-428. PDF

4) Vishwesha Guttal, Ralf Bundschuh, 2006, “A Model for Folding and Aggregation in RNA Secondary Structures”,Physical Review Letters, 96, 018105 (2006). PDF

Highlight: Virtual Journal of Biological Physics

3) Vishwesha Guttal, David Stroud, 2006, “Nonsaturating magnetoresistance and Hall coefficient reversal in a model composite
semiconductor”, Physical Review B, 76(2006): 085202. PDF

2) Vishwesha Guttal, David Stroud, 2005, “A model for a Macroscopically Disordered Conductor with an Exactly Linear High-Field Magnetoresistance “, Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 71, 201304 (2005).PDF

1) Debashish Chowdhury, Vishwesha Guttal, Katsuhiro Nishinari and Andreas Schadschneider, 2002, “A Cellular Automata model of flow in ant-trails: non-monotonic variation of speed with density”, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General: 35, L575-L577 (2002). PDF.

Book Chapter(s):

1) Jitesh Jhawar, Richard Morris, and Vishwesha Guttal, 2019, Deriving mesoscopic models of collective behaviour for finite populations, In Handbook of Statistics Vol 40: Integrated Population Biology and Modeling  (edited by Arni Srini Rao and C R Rao), Part B, 551-594. DOI:;  Pre-print from Arxiv; Codes and data.  Download PDF

General articles

4) Vishwesha Guttal, “Discovering facts: Finding the longest day with school children”, Resonance, March 2015,. Resonance. Vol 20:254-259. PDF.

3) Vishwesha Guttal, Ecology: From Individuals to Collectives. A physicist’s perspective on ecology. 2014, Resonance, Vol. 19:368-375. PDF.

2) Vishwesha Guttal, “YETI in Guwahati”, Current Science, 2012, Vol 102:1357-1359. PDF.

1) Vishwesha Guttal, “A brief introduction to the philosophy of science”, Purnapramati School Souvenir, Jan, 2012. PDF.

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