Welcome to Theoretical Ecology and Evolution Laboratory (TEE-Lab in short!). We are based at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

We try to find answers to challenging and fascinating questions in ecology using theoretical (mathematical and computational) and empirical works. Some of the broad questions that interest us are:

(a) What causes self-organized patterns in biological systems, like highly sychnronized schools of fish or flocks of birds, and ordered patterns of vegetation and ecosystems?

(b) It turns out that some of the ecosystems can abruptly switch to another state. Imagine a clear water lake turning turbid ‘overnight’, or a population suddenly going extinct, or an unexpected stock market crash leading to global recession. Can we predict such changes before they happen?

(c) Darwin’s evolutionary theory tells us that selfish individuals are typically at an advantage at survival and reproduction in comparison to non-selfish individuals. How do selfish individuals gain benefit by showing collective animal behaviours such as schooling, swarming, etc?

And so on! Read our research pages and publications to know more of our work. If you are interested in joining us, take a look at this and pages linked therein.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are personal opinions of the author (Vishwesha Guttal), and do not reflect those of his employer IISc. 

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