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I welcome students from all backgrounds (theoretical, experimental, field, computation) with interest in quantitative studies in ecology to apply to our lab. In addition to biology students, I also encourage students from physics, mathematics or engineering students with a deep interest in ecology to apply to join the lab. I am always looking for any new lab members, especially PhD students, postdocs and masters students looking for thesis options.

[NOTE-1: As of now – we do NOT have any more open positions for a summer internship or final year BS/MS/MSc thesis positions for 2020-21.]

[NOTE-2:  Unfortunately, I am not accepting any applications for summer interns in 2020. We will consider applications for summer internship for 2020 only in Feb 2020 (only one or two students will be taken). So please write to me only in Feb 2020, with your interests, CV and any other relevant information.]

Read this page on FAQ: Science in our Lab and FAQ: General Issues. Take a look at this page (by Priyanka Hari Haran and Arjun Kannan) for various exams and routes to PhD in ecology/conservation in India.

I also encourage international students to apply. We have had one intern from France who even published a paper with us. Take a look at the following website to know the procedure, including deadlines for applications (which are often not the same as the deadline for Indian nationals).

You are also strongly encouraged to read this and this to understand what our lab can offer you and what we expect from you.

Possibilities for PhD Students

(i) Integrated PhD Program in Biological Sciences. You can see how it is to be in the lab during lab rotations.
(ii) PhD Program in CES (through IISc entrance exam of Biological Sciences Or Ecological Sciences).
(iii) If you are from Physics or Math background, there are three options:

(a) Apply to options (i) or (ii) above, but you must be prepared to answer ecology tests and interview.
(b) You could apply to your relevant Integrated or regular PhD program. For you to be able to join our lab, we will need to identify a co-guide in your parent department. Contact me to discuss this possibility once you are here for Integrated PhD, before interview if you are applying for regular PhD program.
(b) Alternatively, you can be admitted through IISc Math Initiative which admits students interested in interdisciplinary areas.

For more details: IISc Admissions


Currently, there are no postdoc positions available.

Summer Projects

If you are a KVPY fellow, or an INSPIRE fellow, or would not mind supporting yourself for the summer, you are welcome to write to me to discuss options for summer project. Or apply through Summer Research Fellowship Program organized jointly by Indian Academy of Sciences (deadline past for 2012).

MSc Projects/Project Assistants/JRFs

These positions are not always available. As and when they become available, they will be advertised on the lab webpage.


its important to write clearly why you are interested in working in the lab. Generic emails, in general, may receive no response.

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