Interns alumni

Interns typically spend a very short time (of about 2 months or so) in the lab, and most of them come in Summer through various summer programs such as KVPY fellowship, Academy summer fellowship, etc. They are often involved in a reading project, or take part in a specific aspect of a bigger project of another student/postdoc in the lab.


Shruti Hegde interned with our lab, from Feb – April 2017, working with PhD student Aakanksha, to assist in the field study of blackbuck herds.

Shubhra Shukla, a third year BSc student from Delhi University, spent a month in summer (June 2017) investigating collective trail formation in ants found on IISc campus.

Ritobroto Chanda, a BSc student from Christ University, spent two months (July-August 2017) continuing the work of Shubhra on collective trail formation in ants found on IISc campus.

Sheethal, an engineer turned ecology enthusiast, spent about five months (April – Aug 2017) working on agent based models of collective behaviour.


Prashastha Mishra, a fourth year UG student from IISER Pune spent about couple of weeks in Dec 2016 to explore final year project possibilities in our lab.

Vishruta Yawatkar, a third year UG student from IISER Pune did her summer internship through NNMCB, working on analysing data of schooling fish.

Ayan Das, a first year IISc UG student did his summer internship working on ray casting algorithms for schooling fish.


Arpitha Prasad, an MSc (math) student from Christ University. She did a reading project on the evolution of cooperation in networks and also did various simulations related to that. In the process, I got to learn a few basic terminologies of network theory.

Sampada, a fourth year IISc UG student from math department did a reading project on merge-split models of swarms.

Gokul Nair, a second year IISc UG student wrote efficient codes on swarming using net-logo which are now being used for the experimental work.

Poornima, a second year student from IISER Pune did a reading project on super organisms.

Hans Kaliaden, a third year IISc UG student majoring in biology read about and wrote a net-logo code on vegetation pattern dynamics that has both individual based and reaction-diffusion based dynamics.

Varsha Shenoy, a second year MSc student from Mysore Univerisity worked on a short reading project on vegetation pattern formation!


Nikunj Goel, Athmanathan and Sriram (all from IISc) worked on building a physical model to demonstrate the idea of potentials and won a prize!


Ashwini G, pursuing her masters in Physics, Govt Science College, Bangalore, visited us from Oct 2012 to Dec 2012 to work on semi-arid vegetation patterns in India.

Debtanu Chakraborty, an Integrated MS student from IISER Kolkata, studied classic models of evolutionary theory and Eureqa software.

Vamsi, a 1st year undergraduate student at IISc, and did reading on financial market crashes (in collaboration with Prof. Srinivas Raghavendra).

Madhura Amdekar, an Integrated MSc student in Systems Biology from Univ. Hyderabad, studied methods of analyzing animal movement patterns based on Brownian Bridge Models and applied it to couple of real data sets. Duration: May-July 2012 (2 months). She is now a PhD student at CES working with my colleague Dr. Maria Thaker. Welcome back, Madhura!

Ashwini S Deva final year student of Biotechnology, from PES College of Engineering from Bangalore used Google earth to dig a bunch of spatial patterns of vegetation in Indian semi-arid ecosystems.

Vignesh: Lab rotation student, from Jan 2012 – Feb 2012. He played around with random walks and animal movement behaviors, and fell in love with Matlab!

Sneha Vishwanath: A lab rotation student during March-April 2012. She looked at phylogenetic patterns in fish species, and I learnt some basics of phylogenetic analysis from her!

Adithya Kalley, an integrated MSc Physics student from NIT Surat, visited our lab for a few weeks during his winter break, in the months of Nov and Dec of 2011. He worked on simulations of collective motion in animal groups.


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