Latest Updates: Jan 2012

  • May 7th 2012: Marked assignments are available for you to pick up!
  • 23rd April 2012: All project presentations are over; impressive work by everyone! Marked assignments, project report, and presentations will be available by May 1st.
  • 13th April 2012: (i) Please submit the second assignment as soon as possible. (ii) I am available today afternoon, and on Monday and Tuesday afternoons to discuss questions on project. (iii) For those presenting on 20th, please submit your reports by noon on the 19th. For those presenting on the 23rd, please submit your reports by 21st midnight.
  • 1st April 2012: (i) Tomorrow’s class will start at 2:45pm, and we will continue our investigation of random walks and animal movement. (ii) Assignment #2 is ready. This time, please do not delay in submission since its the end of semester and I will later get busy with grading your project reports. (iii) Please send your project plan no later than 3rd April 2012. For those crediting, please note that this is a part of your grade! See the project page for updated timelines.
  • 25th March 2012: We will meet on Monday, 26th at 2:45pm, to begin a new topic! Please have both R and Matlab installed on your laptops.
  • 24th March 2012: Slides of today’s class are on materials page, and the R code of stochastic simulations on the schedule page.
  • 22nd March 2012: Couple of important papers regarding alternative stable states, and threshold dynamics have been added to materials list. Also, please schedule a meeting with me during Mon-Wed next week to discuss your project.
  • 22nd March 2012: Please note that saturday’s class will be at 420 CES (3rd floor). We will start at 10am, and go on to around 12:30 or so. We will have a tea-break in between! Please complete and submit the assignment #1 by Saturday. 
  • 22nd March 2012: The schedule page contains links to download R files we used on two previous sessions. I have commented it as much as possible so that its readable. TO DO: (A) Please execute these codes to obtain (i) stable fixed points (stable population densities) as a function of grazing (ii) dynamics of population under time dependent harvesting. Do this for both models of harvesting, the proportionate model and the sigmoidal model. (B) Think over of significance of alternative stable states, hysteresis, and their implications to ecological management. (C) Before saturday’s class, implement stochastic simulations based on the method I showed in the class! 
  • 18th March 2012: Description of projects for the course is now available here. 
  • 17th March 2012: Note that the first five questions of Assignment are due at the beginning of the class on Monday (19th). An email detailing other aspects of submission has been sent. All the best.
  • 15th March 2012: We will have a class on saturday 17th March 2012 24th March 2012 from 10am to 12:30pm, to make up for the missed class. Venue will be either CES Seminar Hall or CES 420 (venue to be confirmed). 
  • 13th March 2012: (i) By Wednesday class on the 14th, please make sure you attempt some questions of the assignment (has been updated!). Do read all questions and ask for any clarifications.  (ii) Take a look at the new materials page. The password to access the page has been sent separately in an email. (iii) Please do refresh your basic calculus. Here is one link. If you find ones that you find more useful, please let me know.
  • 4th March 2012: For our next class tomorrow (i) Please bring your laptops. We will use excel or related software to perform more fun calculations (ii) Note that Assignment #1 is now partly ready! The due date is 14th March, but you can begin working on it right away. Discuss questions with your friends but the final answer should always be your own!
  • 29th Feb 2012: Our class will be at 1:30pm today. (i) Please come with calculators again (not laptops). (ii) Complete up to 10th generation for the logistic model tasks for both values of R and x(0) that you were working on. (iii) Those who had attended workshop can begin to come to class today.
  • 29th Feb 2012: A new page on schedule and materials, that will contain schedule of the topics and all relevant materials, has been created!
  • 25th Feb 2012: You can skip the first session on 27th, Monday if you have already attended my CES/YETI workshop on Ecology through numbers.
  • First session will be on Feb 27th, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm at CES Seminar Hall. Please bring scientific calculators (no laptops for this session. Note that mobile phones can be difficult to use as a replacement for calculator).
  • Feb 21st: Our first meet is over and we have finalized the schedule. We will meet every week on Mon: 2:30pm-5:30pm and Wed: 1:30pm to 3:30pm at CES Seminar Hall.
  • Feb 21st 2012: Tuesday; 10:15am-11am: Venue: CES Seminar Hall: We will have our first meeting to discuss syllabus, timing for classes, and other such things.
  • Feb 20th 2012: The course plan page has been updated!

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