No summer internships in 2020

I receive a very large number of applications for summer internships from all over India (and occasionally one or two from abroad). I usually take 2-4 students every year.

Unfortunately, this year (2020), I have decided not to take any summer interns due to a rather hectic schedule I have in summer.

I had informed many students to contact me in early February to know about my decision on interns this year. If you see this message, I know this will be disappointing, but I hope we will find ways to work together later. I wish you all the best in finding alternative internships.

Student updates: collaborations, conferences and interns

A bunch of student related updates.

Phd Students:  Sumithra Sankaran and Sabiha Sachdeva both visited Montpellier, France to initiate collaboration with Dr Sonia Kefi on an Indo-French grant supported by IFCAM. They spent around a month in Montpellier (I was there for the initial one week) and have started working on an interesting collaborative project on spatial patterns in vegetation and other ecological systems. As of today, they finished attending a three day conference in Paris on Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution, 2015 with a distinguished list of speakers from various parts of the world. They too gave talks on their ongoing phd thesis work. They are expected to be back in town by the end of this month.

Jaideep Joshi is having great fun at IIASA, Austria at their annual Young Scientist Summer Program. For three months (June-Aug 2015), he will be working with Ake Bronstrom and Ulf Dieckmann, leading theoretical evolutionary biologists, on a spatial model of public goods dilemma.

Interns: Somewhat surprisingly, I ended up accepting quite a few interns this summer! They have all been fantastic.

The first intern was Arpitha who is doing her MSc in math from Christ University. She did a reading project on the evolution of cooperation in networks and also did various simulations related to that. In the process, I got to learn a few basic terminologies of network theory.

Sampada, a fourth year IISc UG student from math department did a simulational project on merge-split models of swarms.

Gokul Nair, a second year IISc UG student wrote efficient codes on swarming using net-logo which are now being used for the experimental work.

Poornima, a second year student from IISER Pune did a reading project on super organisms.

Hans Kaliaden, a third year IISc UG student majoring in biology read about and wrote a net-logo code on vegetation pattern dynamics that has both individual based and reaction-diffusion based dynamics.

Varsha Shenoy, a second year MSc student from Mysore Univerisity is also working on a short project on vegetation pattern formation!

Science is Fun with so many young students around!