Comments on opportunities for scientific research in India [Updated]

Mr. GBSNP Varma is writing a series of articles in Science Careers (online) section of the Science magazine to highlight opportunities and challenges for scientific research in India. In the part 1 of this series, myself and several of my colleagues and collaborators such as Dr. Maria Thaker and Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy have been interviewed.

Read the article here: Part 1: In India, Abundant Opportunities

My picture in the article in my office was taken by Ashwin Viswanathan, with all of my lab members making fun of how I pose to pictures (and I was nervous)!

Update (12/11/2013): here is the part 2 of the article focussing on challenges of doing research in India.


Summer projects 2012

UPDATE: If you are an KVPY fellow, or an INSPIRE fellow, or would not mind supporting yourself for the summer, you are welcome to write to me to discuss options for summer project. It would be helpful if you write why you would like to work with us.

For those who might be interested in joining our lab for summer projects in 2012, please consider applying through the Science Academies’ Summer Fellowship Program.

Not only does it mean that you are formally recognized through a competitive process, it also provides a stipend for the local support and travel. If you are interested in applying through this program, please get in touch with me.

The deadline for applications is Dec 31st 2011.