For PhD Students and Young Scientists:

Do you need a PhD?
Useful info for prospective Indian PhDs
Graduate school Survival Guide
Phd Perspectives (A collection @nanopolitan)
Lab Habits
Illustrated guide to a PhD
PhD Comics
Giving a job talk
Grad School to Professor (@LifeInIISc)
How to do research (a collection @nonoscience)
Materials for nurturing scientists
Advice for new faculty (MIT Physics)
Academic Integrity

Good reads!

Richard Hamming, You and your research
Venki Ramakrishnan, From Chidambaram to Cambridge: A life in science
Raghavendra Gadagkar, Science as a hobby.
Uri Alon, How to choose a good scientific problem


NCBS Research Office (includes grants list)
Retraction Watch
Academic Integrity


Proceedings of National Academy of Sciencse, USA
Ecology Letters
American Naturalist
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Theoretical Ecology
Theoretical Population Biology
Plos ONE (Ecology)
Physical Review Letters
Physical Review E
Current Science

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