Recent visitors to lab: Silvia de Monte, Nikunj Goel and Vivek Hari Sridhar

Our lab has begun the (relatively) new year 2017 with a burst of visitors!

Prof Silvia de Monte from Institut Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris visited our lab today (9th Feb 2017). Our lab spent the entire morning through afternoon discussing exciting research works going on in both our laboratories. Thank you for dropping by Silvia! Do visit us IISc again.

Nikunj Goel visited us from Yale University for three weeks (13th Jan to 5th Feb) to discuss his ongoing thesis research plan on Savanna-Forest dynamics. Nikunj is no stranger to our lab, having done his undergraduate thesis, that led to a publication, with us! He is currently a PhD student with Dr Carla Staver at Yale University. I am also on his PhD thesis committee – so we expect our interactions and collaborations to continue.

In the first week of Jan, Vivek Hari Sridhar, a PhD student at the Department of Collective Behaviour at the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology, visited our laboratory. He gave a lab talk on his thesis research plan on how individual level heterogeneity influences collective behaviour. He also discussed the possibilities of using GPU based parallel programming for his research work. We hope to be in touch in the future too. Do give a shout anytime, Vivek.

These visitors have added burst of energy and enthusiasm to all of our group members. Now, we are getting ready to receive our next visitor from France next week!


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