Lab Updates: Summer conferences, 3rd year lab anniversary and new members.

It’s been a really long time since we have updated any news about the lab. So here goes:

Summer and conferences*: We did lot of conference travel in the summer. Jaideep Joshi, going-from-second-to-third-year PhD student of the lab, tops the list by attending three major international conferences: Evolution 2014 at Rayleigh, North Carolina followed by ISBE 2014 (International Society for Behavioural Ecology) meeting at New York, and then finally ABS 2014 (American Behavioral Society) annual meeting at Princeton. He presented his work on the Coevolution of cooperation with collective movement and got some really useful feedback that will help us in writing the manuscript.

Sabiha Majumder, an Integrated PhD student from Physics & working jointly with me and Sriram Ramaswamy, and Sumithra Sankaran, now a second year PhD student, both presented their work at the 99th Annual meeting of Ecological Society of America at Sacramento, USA. For both of them it was their first major international conference!

Finally, I myself went to visit Princeton for a few days to attend couple of days atAmerican Behaviour Society (ABS) meeting and then three days at Sacramento to give a short contributed talk at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) annual meeting. I was visiting US after three years, and it was great to meet friends andformer colleagues, including Simon Levin and Iain Couzin, at Princeton, and then a host of others at the ESA meeting.

3rd Lab Anniversary: On Sept 5th 2014, we celebrated 3rd lab anniversary, which incidentally is also celebrated as Teachers day in India. I can only hope that all the hard work that has gone in various projects will see their light (i.e., get published) before we celebrate the 4th anniversary!

New members:

Several old members have now left the lab. Nitin (who did so many things other than his own project for smooth functioning of the the lab), Aishwariya, Pradeeksha and Ravi Ranjan have all moved on. All the best for their future careers.

We welcome four IISc UG students who will work on their final year projects with us: Nikunj Goel (Physics major), Amitabh Srivastava (Physics major), Visweswaran (Bio major, working jointly with Prof. Dipshikha Chakravorty, MCBL) and Athmanathan (Math major, working jointly with Prof. Srikanth Iyer, Math dept). We are excited that this is opening up opportunities for collaborations outside our lab and department.

We also have visitor from France, Quentin Hoarau, a physics masters student at Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan. He is our first international student visitor and will be working with us until the end of Feb 2015.

Kartik Azhagesan, who has a BTech from Biotechnology and has deep interest in computational ecology, has joined the lab from Sept.


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