PI’s can use their grants to support student international travel.

Recently, one of my students, Jaideep Joshi, attended an international conference to present his work. He applied for various student travel grants and got a couple of them! But despite those awards, we faced two issues:

1) The conference required that he pays a registration fee much before any of the travel grant results were known to us. So what if he pays the fee (which is 1.5  x his monthly stipend!) but does not get travel awards?

2) Even if he got a travel award, none of them cover all of his expenses. For example, a DST grant may give him the Airfare, visa fee and registration fee – that is the best case scenario. What about local travel (he had to travel from one corner of Switzerland where flight lands to other corner for the conference), food, and other miscellenous expenses? These additional expenses can be non-trivial even for faculty, and clearly several times their monthly stipend for a student.

When I asked around other faculty and our office, none of them were sure if I could use my grants to cover his additional expenses.

I found out from the IISc admin and my granting agency (DBT) that I can use any part of my grant that allows international travel to also support my student travel. More specifically, I could use my CPDA and/or DBT-Ramalingaswami fellowship both of which allow international travel to cover his expenses.


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