IISc procedures: a series of blog posts

I am planning to start a series of blog posts under a new category called “IISc procedures” to document various administrative procedures that I discover.

The main motivation for this is that here at IISc a lot of administrative details are opaque and not well documented. New faculty who have joined in recent years are lucky that we know something about hiring procedure because of excellent website for new and prospective faculty maintained by Prof. Giridhar Madras and colleagues. He also has lots of details on within institute rules such as leave rules, purchase rules, etc but in some cases they are not detailed enough. Some procedures are told to you by your office staff, if you are lucky enough to have such office staff. Many other rules, we all discover by trial and error! Perhaps, a new faculty spends more time discovering rules of administration than doing research! Assuming that I do this regularly, I hope to document as many of these rules as possible over a period of time so that all new faculty need not ‘reinvent the wheel’. Of course, the key is the assumption that I will actively blog!


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