Project Assistant position(s) [UPDATE: Position has been filled up]

UPDATE:  The advertised position has been filled up.

We are looking for one (but possibly two) project assistant(s) to work in one of the following general research areas.  (i) Animal movement and collective behavior OR (ii) Spatial vegetation patterns (especially semi-arid regions). The work could involve collaborations with researchers both within and/or outside IISc.

In each of the above themes, you may be interested either in theoretical/computational work, or experimental/field work.

Eligibility: B.Tech/BE/MSc in any discipline. Applicants from mathematics, physics and engineering disciplines with interest in ecological sciences are strongly encouraged to apply. BSc students can be considered for a project trainee position.

Preferred background for theoretical/computational work: applicants should have one or more of the following quantitive skills with deep interest in ecology and animal behavior. Quantitative skills include programming (C/C++/matlab/R/ArcGIS), ideas of random walks and diffusion theory, nonlinear dynamics, image processing, statistics, etc.

For the experimental/field work: you should have relevant experience.

Please see our research pages and publication page for more details on the nature of our work. Also see Join Us page.

Email me (guttal (at) or vishwesha.guttal (at) with your CV highlighting how your interests and skill are relevant to our lab. Salary of the position will be as per the institute norms and usually varies from 14,000 to 18,000.

UPDATE:  The advertised position has been filled up.


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