Our Science paper coverage in Indian (and other) media

Our Science paper, “Predatory fish select for coordinated collective motion in virtual preyScience. 337: 1212-1215” by Ioannou, Guttal and Couzin which resulted as a part of my post-doctoral collaborative work at Iain Couzin’s lab is now out.

I was lucky to be interviewed by G. S. Mudur who writes really well, perhaps one of the best in India, on science. Here is article: “Fish spill group secret on video game”


Here is video:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of media coverage (from here):

Ed Yong, Discover Magazine “To work out why fish swim together, tempt a predator with virtual prey”

Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR “Swarming up a storm: why animals school and flock”

Akshat Rathi, The Economist “The benefits of schooling”

G.S. Mudur, The Telegraph, India “Fish spill group secret on video game”

Zoe Kleinman, BBC News “Fish play video game in new behavior study”

Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer.net “Princeton University develops videogames for fish”

Lee Rannals, RedOrbit “Simulations help scientists understand predator prey relationship”

Mark Brown, Wired “Predatory fish play video game to answer evolutionary quandry”

Children’s BBC (CBBC) Newsround “Video gaming fish help science”

Futurity “Video game for fish shows how prey survive”

Richard Chirgwin, The Register “Angry sunfish in piscine boss battles”

LiveScience “Fish video game reveals benefits of sticking together”

Phys.org “Video gaming fish play out the advantages of groups”


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