Workshop on simple mathematical models of ecology

I will be conducting a short workshop at YETI (Young Ecologists Talk and Interact), a conference organized by, and for, students of ecology in India.  This conference started fairly recently, in 2008, and has become very popular and successful. I was delighted when I was invited to conduct a workshop on mathematical ecology, and readily accepted. An added attraction of this year’s workshop is that its going to be held in Guwahati, the gateway to the north-east of India!

The workshop is titled “Ecology through numbers”, and its blurb reads:

The aim of this short workshop is to show that simple mathematical models of ecology are not all that mathematical, and they can be learnt by anyone with basic skills in arithmetic and algebra. So, no prerequisite, other than a keen interest in playing with numbers, and making biological sense of it, is needed. The workshop will involve doing some hands on numerical ‘experiments’! So, please bring a scientific calculator that you are comfortable using, and a few blank papers.

The conference also has other workshops (including one on statistical methods) and interesting plenary talks. Looks very exciting! This article in Telegraph covers the upcoming meet, and also mentions about our workshop on simple mathematical models!


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